Progress Update: August 27, 2010

>> Moving News:
Many of you may already know of Venerable Sumangalo’s decision to put down the Bhikkhu training and take up lay life again. His warm and generous presence will be missed in the monastery and we wish him well in his new life.

>> Canoe Retreat:
The rain fell unceasingly, accompanied by wild lightning and hellish thunder for the first twelve hours; the purifying prelude to a serene and sunny calm that held for the remaining five days of the retreat. An awesome metaphor for our diligent practice. All so rewarding on many levels. [photo] see homepage for ‘textures’

>> Ajahn Sumedho Talks:
It has been a while but well worth the wait. Titling dhamma talks is often a challenge but we resisted listing these as… “The Way It Is: Part I” – – the Part II, etc. These will be added as part of the podcast system or you can download the first of these files

>> Moving On:
Kelvin and Tina are in popular demand. Unfortunately, for us, it is their work commitments that will whisk them away to Hong Kong much sooner than the completion of their intended year with us here at Tisarana. They have been incredibly supportive and giving over the last year plus and there will be a visible gap come the end of September. Sooooooo, we are back in the market for a steward(s). Please write to the monastery.

>> Dana Rota:
With the previous item in mind it has been suggested that a dana rota be drawn up. Preparation is the main thing as there are various ways the meal can be transported and actually offered. If you are able to offer a meal to the sangha at the monastery then please discuss this with Tina Prudhomme:

>> Moving In:
We have yet to confirm dates but Venerable Adicco, currently at Amaravati, will be moving to live long-term at Tisarana. This could be sometime in October but certainly before the winter retreat. We look forward to having him as part of the community.

>> Moving Up:
We have been considering replacing the house furnace for a while now and are finally making the move. It will be a propane unit and we may also switch the hot water service as well. A change-of-use for the barn is in progress and a quote has been accepted for installing electrics and we may use propane heat there as well.

>> Moving Round:
And around and around. The nature of samsara is change and recently our little red tractor wheels stopped going round. Not because they weren’t round but because they had been around too many rounds. Remember that this old friend is nearly as old as Ajahn Kusalo. Oooooooooh! If only new legs were as easy as new tires. $1300 (in round figures) later and we are back going around the bend, around the tree and on the straight and narrow. The truck rear suspension is next. If only the monastery (life itself) would stay put – at least the good bits.