Progress Update: August 23, 2011

>> Hot on the Heels:
of our last working bee we have a working wasp – only in as much as it will have more sting than a bee. Am I on the edge of a ramble here? Nay, forsooth… COME THIS SUNDAY 28TH many good souls will be gathered as one at Tisarana, gloves on hands and heads on shoulders ready to sally forth. To go where no righteous body, or even unrighteous for that matter, has ever gone before. The future. Now I really am rambling. Needless to say, without further verbage, circumlocution, pleonasm, or even repetition, the next item will announce the details. Oh yay!

>> Working Day:
A.K.A working bee. All day. This Sunday – 28th August. We have enough work so that the weather is not an issue. Come rain or shine we will glow and effuse. There is work outdoors for the outdoorsy types; indoors for those with legal legs. Come at any time of the day. We will supply gloves of various sizes. Lunch of divers delights will manifest at 11.00. You will be most welcome; head on or off shoulders.

>> Many Other Works:
Much has been happening at Tisarana with documenting of it a work in progress (watch this space). Ajahn V. has been in Nova Scotia, Aj Kusalo in Toronto. The new Reception Room has walls, the new kuti has foundations. The barn module is almost no more, the forest is trimmier. Hearts are happier, legs are still co-joined. The dhamma flows. More later.

>> Kathina:
This ceremony marks the end of the rains retreat (vassa) and is traditionally the time when monks prepare to travel. It is a time of alms giving with cloth being the symbolic offering. Many other requisites can be offered making sure that the sangha is well prepared for the future; for us, the onset of winter. In modern times kathina has become a general time of making offerings to the monastery, from toothbrushes to tractors, big to small.
This is still a good way off and this is just to introduce the event and be sure you have the date set aside in your diary. September 15th.