Progress Update: August 2, 2007

>> Vassa 2007:
It was delightful to have so many people join us on Saturday for the meal and the days dhamma activities. Ajahn Viradhammo gave a fine talk and the community meditated until midnight. The vassa was formally established on Monday.

>> Site Plan:
The next step, following on from the zoning approval, is submitting a site plan of intended works. Initially this will be three kutis. We need to establish their precise location on site. Our consultants have kindly agreed to show Ajahn Kusalo how this is done so that for our next submission we can be somewhat more independent. The short of this is that we now have a (cheap) GPS unit.

>> Being here Now:
Where here is 44 degrees, 47.029N — 076 degrees 19.060W — 523 feet above the sea, and now is, well, now.

>> Fading Pool:
Slowly, by degrees (N, S, E & W) the swimming pool is not-being. We are fortunate to have a neighbour (Doug) with a big digger. Yes, that’s Dougs Digger doing the deed. [photo]

>> Adorable:
Anagarika Alan has been, and is, as well as his monastic duties, doing some great work around the place. A set of doors for the workshop being one of them. A pair? Should that then be bi-door-able? [photo]

>> Back Field:
We are hoping that, eventually, we will find someone to cut the back field. Free hay after all; although it is a pretty available commodity in these parts. Until then it is the faithful old tractor to the rescue. [photo]

>> Smart Deer:
Our local herd is pretty quick on the uptake. The old swimming pool is right next to an enormous apple tree. Topsoil has been heaped to one side of the pool ready to cover the rock fill. What better platform for reaching those hitherto inaccessible apples? [photo]

>> Smart Readers:
Nice that you are here. All nice now. AK.