Progress Update: August 14, 2008

>> Ajahn V needs a ride
Ajahn Viradhammo needs a ride to Tisarana from Ottawa for the Saturday Day of Mindfulness. Please contact him directly if you are able to help. Because of Vinaya rules, there must be another male in the car. See the Event Calendar for more information.

>> Ajahn Kusalo Returns:
The mother’s birthday party came and went. There was cake and tea and scones and much merriment. Lots of friends and lots of fun. Several of you gave me gifts for mum and she was surprised and thoroughly delighted to receive those. Thank you. Winter there is pretty nice – 12c mornings 24c afternoons. Despite the rain it is so nice to be back. The place is looking so nice and lush. The tractor is sooooo clean and the barn has no hay, and… great to be back.

>> Chanting CD’s
For a limited time there are copies of the Amaravati Dhamma Threads chanting CD available at the monastery. The CD contains the morning and evening chanting as well as most of the reflections and suttas in our chanting book, as well as the monastic meal chant, etc. etc. They are only available for pick up from the monastery. To see the whole catalog of CD’s available directly from Dhamma Threads, visit

>> OhMyGollyGosh
I return from ten weeks away and there you are. Reading my words. Wonderful. Well met. Hopefully we can do it more direct – at the monastery? Do drop by. AK