Progress Update: April 7, 2011

>> Ajahn Viradhammo:
You may already know that Ajahn’s mother, Astrid Akers, passed away on Thursday 24th March at 6.40pm (Eastern). She was ninety five years old. The funeral was held on Monday 28th. Ajahn is now spending some time on retreat at Tisarana. There will be a three month memorial dana on Saturday 25th June. More details later.

>> Tweet Tweet Honk:
Ahhh, the sounds of spring. The air is filled with natures awakening. The monastery has finished the winter retreat and is joining the activity. There are several construction projects planned with the three main ones being: a new kuti, the new reception room and the barn restoration. You can follow progress via these updates and the photos on the web site and the dedicated section: News>Site Development. There are at least two Weekends of Mindfulness planned at Tisarana and hopefully a bit more travelling and teaching further afield.

>> Days of Mindfulness:
These continue every Saturday at 1pm. You are most welcome to join with us for the meal at 11am. You are most welcome anytime.

>> Meal Offerings:
With the departure of Rob and Dilani, our amazing winter stewards, meal offerings at the monastery are no longer a certain thing. Tina has kindly agreed to coordinate offers of help; either breakfast, lunch or both. There are many permutations which would be easiest discussed with her. Either: or 613-326-0411. The web site Dana Calendar shows which days are already covered: Participate>Dana or Dana