Progress Update: April 5, 2010

** Visit NOW!! to help with preparations for Ajahn Sumedho’s visit **
We have lots to do here at the monastery in the weeks leading up to this event and the best way to help is to book an overnight visit and stay for as long as you can. We could really use your help, whatever you are able to do.

If you think you have a particular skill to share, please e-mail

** Annual General Meeting **
The Tisarana Annual General Meeting for the year 2009 will be held on SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 2010 at 3:00 P.M. at the monastery. All are welcome. Please mark your calendar. This will follow the regular Day of Mindfulness activities.

** Gratitude for the retreat **
The resident community would like to express its appreciation for all the support it received during this year’s Winter Retreat. There were volunteers here to cook almost every day for the whole three months, a record for us so far. If you were here and enjoyed your stay, tell your friends. If you are interested in supporting the retreat next year, feel free to ask us any questions.

** Life at 1356 Powers Road **
We are springing forth from the winter retreat with many plans for preparations on our minds. Our friend Marion has volunteered to be the kitchen steward until Luang Por arrives in May. We’re having our neighbour Doug come in and do some road construction so Luang Por has an easy time getting to his kuti. And plans are under way for screening in the Grand Hall. Come for a visit, see it all happening and lend a hand.

** Words from Ajahn Chah **
If you’ve trained properly, you wouldn’t feel frightened when you fall sick, nor be upset when someone dies. When you go into the hospital for treatment, determine in your mind that if you get better, that’s fine, and that if you die, that’s fine, too. I guarantee you that if the doctors told me I had cancer and was going to die in a few months, I’d remind the doctors, “Watch out, because death is coming to get you, too. It’s just a question of who goes first and who goes later.” Doctors are not going to cure death or prevent death. Only the Buddha was such a doctor, so why not go ahead and use the Buddha’s medicine? [from the book, No Ajahn Chah]