Progress Update: April 4, 2008

>> Winter Gratitude:
Our winter retreat is over and the level of activity is already on the increase. With the early days of spring it is nice to have both the robins and various lay friends returning. On the last evening of the retreat all participants expressed deep gratitude at having had the opportunity to spend such an extended length of time in meditation. We would like to thank all those who came to help out in the kitchen and to EVERYone who has and continues to support the monastery. Thank you. We are now accepting over-night visitors should you wish to come and stay for a while.

>> Marion:
Many of you may already know but, part way through the retreat, Marion’s sister took ill and Marion left to go care for her. She took this up as a long-term committment and has no plans to return to the monastery to live. Marion was the first one here and a lot of her early work was setting things up; beginnings are always a challenge. There were many hours in the kitchen but it was in the office that she excelled. Banking, budgets, filing systems, liason with… most everyone, you name it, she had it covered. We are tremendously grateful for her consistent and resolute contribution and hope that her ongoing life is filled with the goodness she well deserves. Thank you Marion.!

>> Dana:
Previously we have had regular shopping trips to ‘get what we want.’ We have decided to rely entirely on direct offerings for our daily needs and to make do with ‘what we have.’ This includes not only food but things like cleaning products, tissues, etc. If you want to know what is useful dana you can check the web-list (url below) or email: steward(at)tisarana(.)ca

>> Monastics Aplenty:
Ajahn Hasapa