Progress Update: April 30, 2010

>> Thailand:
It has been a while since Ajahn Kusalo was in Thailand attending alms giving ceremonies but we thought you would be interested in some detail of that time. Here is a collection of photos and text that will give you some idea of his time there. It was very beneficial on several counts; making contact with people in Bangkok who support Tisarana, meeting up with several senior Ajahns who have an interest in monks in the West, connecting with the Thai western sangha generally and to recieve the financial generosity so warmly given. There was also a Malaysian man who made an extremely generous donation to Tisarana. Our mortgage is now very manageable. Thank you to all those involved, both here in Canada and overseas. [photo]

>> LPSumedho Visit:
Things are on track for his visit at the end of May. The first main event will be Vesak on Saturday 29th May starting at 10.00 sharp. Check the website for general infomation and the calendar for specific details.
The Vesak Schedule:
09:30 You arrive
10:00 Welcome / introduction
10:15 Children’s devotional songs
10:30 Rice pindapat
11:30 Lunch
01:30 Children’s Jataka – Abhaya
Auspicious chanting
Dhamma Talk
Once-a-year Kuti tours

>> Lavish Decor:
We have a whole crew working on the construction of several privies for the kutis. The hole crew have already finished their work. What is it about toilets and humour? The crew is doing a great job – of both the construction and the humour. [photo]

>> Steward:
We still have need for someone to be (preferably living) at the monastery. For more information please send us an email:

>> Driver:
We currently have no driver in the monastery. Anyone who might be in the area and is able to offer transport – particularly to Perth – please let us know dates so we could possibly coordinate. >> Driver 2: We have a couple of 45 gallon plastic barrels to collect from the Nepean area. Anyone who might be able to bring these to the monastery please let us know.