Progress Update: April 3, 2007

>> Kitchen — Steward:
Both positions of Kitchen Manager and Male Steward have been filled. Many thanks to all those people who expressed interest. It was encouraging to see such a positive response.

>> Dana – meal offerings:
Regular opportunities exist to take part in offering the monastic community their daily meal. There are a wide variety of ways that this can be done. We even had one person set it up from the U.S.! Contact the monastery for details.

>> New Neighbour:
Dianne from Toronto has finally made the move and is now in her new home just around the corner from the monastery. Welcome, welcome, thrice welcome.! [See ‘Photos.’] She plans to use the house as a monastic B&B – details still being finalised. Her phone is not on yet but it will appear on the website in due course.

>> New Resident:
Allan has been planning to move to the monastery for some time now with the longer term view of ordaining. The day has come! May his stay be long, happy and fruitful. It is a joy to see the community taking root and, what better time than spring to blossom forth? Here we can mix many a metta for? For Allan, for you all.

>> Geese:
What a delight it is to witness this wonderfully Canadian icon winging overhead on their way up from the south. And, as a true tribute to the triple gem, they are flying over the monastery in V. formation. An avian salutation.

>> Children Web Page:
There is now a page on the monastery web site [Young People – under ‘Participate’] with a view to offering dhamma for young people. Quite what shape this will take, if at all, only time will tell. If you are too far from the monastery, but are interested, read the page and follow the link: The original “vision”. Try ‘School.’

>> Another metaphor:
Metta for the men, metta for the women, metta for the bugs, the birds, the flies, the fish, the lot.
… and best wishes from Ajahn Kusalo