Progress Update: April 27, 2009

>> Anagarika Janko:
A lovely group of friends joined us for Janko’s anagarika ordination [photo]. It is always very inspiring to see young men confident in taking up a religious life. The resident sangha now numbers five. Happily holy and harmonious.

>> Working Bee:
Sunday the 3rd May. There will be a variety of projects; mostly outdoors but a few undercover in case it rains. We have most everything needed but you could bring gloves, outdoor footwear and, those who have – bring a shovel (or spade). We will start about 8.30 and then again after lunch. Join us for breakfast and/or lunch.

>> Barn Progress:
The main work of relaying the floor is on hold for now until we can source some logs to replace some of the beams. Getting them will be one thing – getting them into place will be yet another. Basically a whole tree, *twenty-two feet* long = HEAVY. In the meantime we are extending the module by about *ten feet*. That’s 6.71 and 3.05 meters respectively for those who are doing the right thing. There has been a gradual increase in the number of visitors so the extra space will be useful. [photo]

>> Vesak:
Join us on May 9th in the new extended module to celebrate the birth, enlightenment and parinibbana of the Buddha. The programme for the day is on the web site calendar.

>> One More River:
The access track to the central part of the monastic area regularly floods and rubber boots (at least 10″ [254mm] high) are de rigueur. Several loads of rock and minor mishaps later there is now a solid road and bridge crossing the river. 3x[photo]. The monastery has several boggy bits that will gradually get the same treatment as we extend our access to the property.