Progress Update: April 24, 2007

>> Marion Away:
Many of you may know of Marion’s ongoing friendship with Jarvis (in solitude on death row for most of his 43 years). She has gone to visit with him in San Quentin and we all hope that this goes well.

>> Bell:
The monastery has an outdoor bell, a kind gift from Ajahn Viradhammo’s mum. It has a sweet ring and can be heard from a good distance – lunch is not to be missed.

>> Half a Tractor:
can be seen on the skyline on the edge of the back field. The other half? Hmmmm. Standing at the edge of the oozing bog engulfing the lower half, a sheepish antipodean (over)enthusiast hangs his head in shame. The road to the new kuti site is paved with good intentions. Photo to come.

>> Dana list:
This has been updated on the web site.

>> Construction Progress:
The Opanayiko kuti (old workshop) is not far away from being usable. The new workshop (inside the horse barn) is ready for use. The meditation module in the main barn has most of the walls up. The timber for the first monk’s kuti has been delivered (see photo). The road to the site is just half a tractor away from completion.

>> Leaf buds and Swallows:
Life is immutable. Joy is alive. With joyous wishes from Ajahn Kusalo.