Progress Update: April 17, 2007

>> Ayya Medhanandi:
Will be giving a public talk in Perth on Sunday, April 22nd – 2pm. This will be at the Yoga Connection, 32 North Street, Perth (613) 267-7148

>> Financial:
Thanks to your ongoing support we have been able to begin repaying our (private) loans. This has always been a priority for us and to date we have cleared 57% of the propery cost. Sadhu.!

>> Cathy:
All the way from Vancouver, our new kitchen steward. We are delighted to have her here. It relieves Marion of a lot of responsibility and extends our fledgling community in a very positive way. Welcome Cathy.

>> Vesak:
Tisarana will be joining with OBS to celebrate this auspicious event; the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. We will meet on Saturday, 26th May at the Tu-An Pagoda (Vietnamese Buddhist Temple), 3591 Albion Road, (near Bank Street). The program (in brief): 9.30 – gathering and preparations 10.00 – refuges & precepts 10.30 – children’s presentation of the “Enlightenment of the Buddha” 11.00 – offering of food to the Sangha, shared meal 1.00 pm – dhamma talk and reading, reflections on Vesak from Ajahn Viradhammo 2.30 – closing comments and chanting

>> Anagarika Going-forth:
On Saturday May 12th Allan Gschwind will take the anagarika precepts as the first step toward bhikkhu ordination. This will be at the monastery, 7pm.

>> Library Help:
If you are able to give some time to the library; stamping books, some filing, cataloging and general organising. Easy stuff. Pretty much any time. Contact the monastery.

>> Too tense?
You can cease worrying. It is all OK…! two tents is present tense, thanks to a kind friend out East. With luck it will soon be warm enough so we can use them.

>> Blessings and good wishes,
Ajahn Kusalo