Progress Update: April 13, 2009

>> Janko’s Ordination:
Cause for an auspicious dhamma celebration. 18th of April – this coming Saturday. Join us for the dana at 11:00 and stay on for the ordination (about 1pm) and continue the theme of liberation on into the usual afternoon meditation and dhamma talk. Linger longer for the evening puja at 7pm.

>> Vesak:
May 9th – at the monastery. The programme is on the web site calendar.

>> Not Cool Cooker:
Our old stove in the kitchen is a bit too cool for its own good. Well, our good actually. A friend moved house a while ago and ended up with an extra stove. It is really hot. The old cooker was last seen sitting out in the yard. [photo]

>> Module Extension:
The meditation module has regularly reached its mat maximum – there were 21 meditators for the recent day of mindfulness. An extension is underway, in conjunction with the floor renovation. [photo]

>> Guests:
The winter retreat is over and we are already getting a good number of guests. You are welcome to come and stay – pretty much any time. Fill out the form on the site: Participate > Visiting > Form.