Progress Update: April 11, 2007

>> Opanayiko Kuti:
The old workshop is currently being ‘winterised’ and will become the first kuti at Tisarana. It is a VERY old shed so life expectancy is uncertain but, hey, our community is growing and needs the space. We have windows, panelling and insulation but still need a small wood-burning stove (old and rough is good enough). Allan will be the first occupant. “Opanayiko”… leading inwards.

>> Days of Mindfulness:
Just to remind you that every Saturday is a day of mindfulness at the monastery. Come and share the meal (11am) and spend some time at the monastery. Group meditation, 2.00pm; Dhamma talk, 3.10; Meditation, 4.00; Tea, 5.00; Meditation, 7.00; Dhamma talk, 8.15.

>> Plumbing:
We plan to build a ‘bush shower’ for the summer and wonder if anyone may have renovated recently and still has the old shower taps and head (or just has a set in the basement – along with the A.T.V., the arc welder and the mooose head). Ditto, wash basin.

>> One Tent…:
Yes, we have been donated one and it is almost warm enough to put it up. Many thanks for that. But… it is lonely. Does anyone else have a family tent (eg. 3-4 person, 10′ square, standing room) that we could borrow to provide accommodation during our work program?

>> Quaker House meetings:
Ajahn Viradhammo is very happy to see these fortnightly meetings in Ottawa so well attended. Positively blooming.

>> Another neighbour:
Tina has moved from Ottawa to Perth. Welcome to the neighbourhood. Welcome.!

>> Meditation module:
The leftside of the main barn has been cleared of hay (and much other stuff – see: Photos) and work will soon begin on building a small meditation ‘module.’ It will be nice to have a dedicated space away from the main house. More details later.

>> Warmth and Happiness:
Regularly generated, fresh on request. Free to a good home.
with best wishes, Ajahn Kusalo