Progress Update: April 1, 2009

>> Winter Retreating:
It is the first day of April and the monastic retreat has drawn to a close; winter has similar thoughts. There were no casualties, nothing broke down, blew up or did other than could be expected in a world of variation and unpredictabilty. A good time was had by all. Many thanks to all those who came and offered support. Let’s do it again next year.

>> Janko to Ordain:
The sangha is expanding yet again with the Janko’s impending anagarika ordination. This will be on the 18th of April. Join us for the meal at 11.00. The ordination will be after the dana; about 1pm. You are all welcome to join with us and celebrate his committment to the holy life. This will be followed by the usual meditation and dhamma talk at 2pm.

>> Beavers’ Damn:
They are busy little critters but are they busy enough to rebuild after a machine attack? As well as being cute they also spread their watery domain without discernment. Our neighbour’s field has been getting soggier and wetter so… whack whack crack (him, not us). It will take a while to see how the beavers deal with it. [photo]

>> Vesak:
A good while away but, put it in your diaries; May 9th. The programme is on the web site calendar. Part of it that might interest some is at the end – the kuti tour. Several people have expressed interest in visiting the kutis, normally private, so we decided to offer a tour.

>> Non-residential Retreat:
Also some time away. Ajahn Kusalo will be leading a non-residential retreat at the Pagoda. Friday to Sunday, May 22-24. This is organised by OBS. More on the later.

>> Barn Busting:
The retreat has finished and the busy beavers have competition in the build and bust department. Many of you have probably seen the state of the floor in the main area – rotten. Well, the rot is no more. Well, actually the floor is no more. We have pretty much pulled it all out and will get some professional assessment before relaying a new surface.

>> Treasurer’s Tips:
Just so you know that when you are donating groceries and other materials to the monastery, you can submit your receipt for tax purposes. Write your full name, postal and email address on the receipt and put it in the monastery donation box. A tax receipt will be issued at the end of the year.

>> Pinup Monks:
As the year gets underway so the work of organising and administrating increases. Lots of little bits of paper with various messages on them have previously been strewn across the monks’ office table. No more. Now its a stick up job. [photo] They’ll be putting out a calendar next.