New Visitor Orientations and bookings for April 2023.

As the monastic community comes out of winter retreat, we will get into planning Tisarana’s calendar from April to December 2023. However, here’s some important information that may be relevant:

New Visitor Orientations will commence as of May 2023 and dates will be posted on our calendar sometime around the third week of April. Please note that we are unable to process New Visitor bookings prior to April 30th this year.

Regular visitors (those who have stayed with us for at least three or more visits) are welcome to request overnight stays for the month of April by emailing the Guest Monk.

The booking form has been disabled till April 30th.

For those who have been applying over the winter months, please note that we are unable to hold and process applications in queue. You are welcome to apply again after April 30th, should you wish to stay at Tisarana.

As always, we are open for day visits and those bringing Dana are welcome to book by contacting the Kitchen Steward.

Warmest regards from our entire community.