Goodbye Message from Venerable Subharo

Now that five years of seniority as a monk have accrued, my Majjhima (Middle) years as a monk have now come. I’ve been released from Nissaya (Dependence) upon my ācariya (teacher), and traditionally, this is now the time to seek out other training opportunities at other monasteries, and hermitages, with a variety of teachers. This is a chance for me to “round out” my training, as well as deepen my practice in situations of increased seclusion. I’ve been offered to spend the vassa (Rains Retreat) at Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage. Dhammagiri is located a 40-minute drive west of Brisbane, Australia. More info is available at Dhammagiri

I’d especially like to voice my gratitude to LP Vīradhammo for his tremendous kindness and warmth, in letting me train at Tisarana for the last year and a half. My troubled knees (and psoriasis) have healed substantially in this time. This gift of healing is a huge boon to me.

The Tisarana community has been great to train with, and the lay community has been very kind and supportive. I’ll always look back upon my time at Tisarana with fondness and appreciation. To all those I’ve had the chance to meet, I want to wish you all the best in your practice, and life in general, and perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

I want to wish the whole community harmony and success going forward, during this time of increased change and growth. May the new Bhikkhu Vihāra bring the community benefit and longevity.

Subharo Bhikkhu