Current Events

Gratitude to Parents Day at 10:30am on June 21st

June 21st is “Gratitude to Parents Day” at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery.  It is an occasion for us to recollect our parents and dedicate merit for the sake of their well-being.  It is also an opportunity to express respect and gratitude to Venerable Ajahn Sumedho during his 80th year.  As usual, there will be a potluck meal at 11:00am. 

Please try to arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am. The day will include an opportunity to take the five precepts. There will be a rice piṇḍapāta (offering food into the monastics’ bowls) before the meal. After the meal, Luang Por Sumedho will offer some Dhamma reflections. We will finish with a dedication of the day’s goodness to our parents and loved ones.

Saṅgha Gathering

Ajahn Vīradhammo has returned from a large gathering of monks at Amarāvati Buddhist Monastery in the UK. This was an assembly of senior monks and nuns from branch monasteries throughout the world, including Luang Por Liem, Luang Por Sumedho, and many abbots from our far-flung community. During this time the Saṅgha participated in a Pātimokkha recitation that included 82 bhikkhus of over 20 nationalities. This kind of gathering takes place once every 4-5 years. While it is usually in Thailand, this time Amarāvati generously offered to host the Saṅgha. Some photos from the occasion can be found here.

From the Treasurer on Behalf of the Board at Tisarana

The following is a statement from our treasurer:

We have been heartened with all the wonderful changes at Tisarana over the past years – growing in Sangha, in community, and in infrastructure. It has been a journey of incredible richness for our practice to see this wonderful place unfold.

Every year, it is always a challenge to know how much to budget for projects and basic operating costs. It is difficult to estimate how much we will receive in donations every year. As we build new buildings and host more monastics, our operating costs are rising as well. If any friends of Tisarana have resources available, it would be helpful to make a monthly contribution through our Direct Payment Service. This provides us with a known amount of donations each month. All donations to Tisarana are tax deductible. You may find the form here. Please fill in and provide a cheque marked VOID and send it to the Monastery at: 1356 Powers Road, Perth On K7H 3C5. Any changes to your donations may be made by emailing the treasurer at, or by calling 613-264-8208 and leaving a message.

With gratitude for everyone’s generosity and support of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery,
Tina Prudhomme, Treasurer

We are grateful for Tina’s ongoing efforts in handling the financial aspects of our community.