Nothing is permanent – and this applies just as much within the monastery as outside of it.  As the year progresses a few changes are taking place here at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery…


Farewell to Our Beloved Peter

Peter Pauls is a lay resident who has been living here at Tisarana for about one year.  He has been in charge of maintaining and improving the physical condition of the monastery; such tasks as carpentry, mechanical, earthworks, trailwork and a wide range of other valuable activities.  He has been instrumental in keeping the monastery operating well, and we are all very grateful for the assistance he’s provided.  In early May he will be resuming normal lay life outside the monastery; we wish him well and hope he returns often.  A great “Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu!” for his invaluable support and his inspiring community spirit.


Saturday Day of Mindfulness at 2pm

After discussion with the community, we have decided to hold our weekly Day of Mindfulness every Saturday at 2:00pm.  This event is always open to the public, and includes a small amount of chanting, a period of silent group meditation (which may be guided), and a Dhamma talk given by an experienced monastic.


Ajahn Vīradhammo’s Photo Album

For the upcoming occasion of his birthday, the abbot has put together a photo album showing his transition from childhood (1949) up through his monastic career to the present day, offering a rare glimpse of him as a young man and his early days as a monk.