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2018 Ajahn Chah Memorial Day

Every year on 16 January we observe a special puja to remember the life and teachings of Luong Pu Chah, the founder of our ordination lineage and teacher of Ajahns Sumedho, Pasanno, Viridhammo and many other of the senior teachers in our larger community of monasteries, including Tisarana, Abhayagiri, Amaravati. The senior monks of our lineage usually attend a Sangha meeting at Wat Pah Pong in NE Thailand where the annual memorial is held and participate in the ceremonies there.

At Tisarana on 16 January we will have a puja at 7:00 PM (chanting followed by meditation) and a Dhamma talk. All are welcome.… Read the rest

Come to Kathina, Sunday Oct 8th.

On Sunday October 8th, the Tisarana community will celebrate the end of the Rains Retreat by offering the Kathina cloth to the monastic community. The event will be held at the monastery (1356 Powers Road, Perth ON) and will start at 10.45 AM, followed by the meal blessing and a meal. At 1 PM, the ceremony of offering the Kathina cloth will take place followed by a Dhamma Reflection given by Luang Por V.

We are delighted that Ajahn Punnadhammo from Arrow River and Venerable Suneetha from Ottawa are joining us this year. We look forward to the gathering on Sunday. Please ensure that you arrive well before 10.15 AM if you are offering dana for the pot-luck meal. Please allow time for parking, getting to your seats and we ask that everyone is seated by 10.40 AM in order to start the event. Help with breaking up and cleaning up after the event will be greatly appreciated.… Read the rest

Anagarika Siddarth’s Going Forth.

On the New Moon of Wednesday 20th September, Luang Por Viradhammo will act as Preceptor as Anagarika Siddarth takes on Samanera precepts and joins the Tisarana Sangha as a Samanera at 7 PM.

The evening will start with a meditation sit, followed by the ceremony of ‘Going Forth – Pabbajha’ and reflections by Ajahn V.… Read the rest

Non residential retreat @ Tisarana – September 2, 3 &4th 2017

We are happy to announce a non-residential retreat at the Monastery led by Ajahn Viradhammo this Labour Day Weekend – starting on Saturday 2nd of September and ending after the morning session on the 4th of September.

This retreat is designed to offer maximum flexibility and allows participants to select their sessions.

Registration for this retreat can be done by clicking on this link:

More details are available on the form itself that will open from the link above.

Please note that registration for this event closes at 11.45 PM on the 15th of August, so, book your spot soon!Read the rest