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Two Kinds of Thought

Tan Khemako responds to a question about how to cultivate right speech in ones own mind. He bases his talk in the framework of the Noble Eightfold Path and includes reference to the Dvedhavitakka Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya 19). (Dhamma talk recorded at the Quaker House in Ottawa on 15 November 2019. Duration 47:27)

Update from Luang Por Viradhammo on his visit to Asia

Dear friends,

I’m back from Asia and thought I’d send you my New Year greetings and share news of the past few weeks before settling in to our winter retreat. With the beginning of a new year and a new decade, I wish you much peace, health and contentment for the times ahead. May silence, stillness and wisdom be our guides as we traverse the path of Dhamma to reach ultimate happiness and the unconditioned.

My entire visit was extremely fulfilling in many ways. Meeting Dhamma friends and mentors in Asia, travelling with friends from Canada and teaching retreats in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia were highly inspiring and uplifting. Observing the commitment, generosity and care of so many people was bearing witness to Dhamma manifesting in daily life. Friends in Asia have been so supportive of our Dhamma Hall project that their generosity has resulted in an advance to the start date. Stay tuned for an update on our website.

My first port of call was Tokyo in response to an invitation from a friend who worked at the Royal Thai Embassy there. Japanese woodworking is in a class of its own and in many ways, quite unparalleled. This old woodworker was in joinery heaven.… Read the rest

New Year’s Puja 2020

On New Year’s Eve at Tisarana we’re planning to mark the event by having an extended practice period which will go on until midnight.

7:00 PM – Puja: Evening chanting and group meditation
8:00 PM – Dhamma talk
9:00 – 11:15 – Open practice period (walking and sitting meditation)
11:15 PM – Last group sit of the evening
11:45 PM – Paritta chanting by the monastics to bless in the new year

All are welcome, please join us. … Read the rest

Cultivating the Motivation to Meditate

Two weeks into the winter retreat Tan Khemako considers how to skillfully increase ones motivation to practice formal meditation when the mind is being distracted by trivial pursuits. He gives a summary of the Rattapala Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya Sutta 82) and reflects on its message. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 20 January 2019. Duration 33:23)

Consider Thunder Bay: Monastery Steward needed at Arrow River

Winter Retreat Server wanted at Arrow River

Ajahn Punnadhammo needs a steward to serve the winter retreat at Arrow River Forest Hermitage for the months of February and March 2020. If two months are difficult, the critical requirement is for at least the month of February.

Main duties would include cooking and serving the meals and some handy work / experience in maintenance would be an added bonus. Some driving may be needed intermittently.
Arrow River Hermitage allows one to live closely with nature and offers a Dhamma experience that is simplified and without distractions.

Given the nature of the hermitage and the weather, people accustomed to outdoor winter activities will find this an invigorating experience.

Anyone interested can contact Aj. Punnadhammo by emailing him at Details of Arrow River Forest Hermitage can be found on their website:… Read the rest

A Mind That’s Not Suffering

Venerable Khemako gives a guided medition, and follows by offering some Dhamma reflections. He addresses the fundamentals of the Buddhist path, namely the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, and the primacy of reducing mental suffering. (Guided Meditation and Dhamma Talk recorded at Tisarana on 2 April, 2019. Duration 1:42:05)

Venerable Ruciro

Ruciro Bhikkhu was born near London, UK, in 1978. He started working as a Physiotherapist in a hospital in 2003, and this coincided with him beginning Buddhist meditation practice. In 2012, he ordained as an Anagarika at Amaravati Buddhist monastery in the UK, and ordained as a Bhikkhu in 2014, with Ajahn Amaro as preceptor. He was very inspired by Luang Por Viradhammo, who led a retreat at Amaravati, and therefore starting from November 2019 plans to live at Tisarana monastery for at least one year.… Read the rest

Strengthening the Capacity to be Aware

Ajahn Viradhammo describes the path of practice to participants of the Ottawa Buddhist Society’s Day of Mindfulness, pointing out how our experience is better understood through verbs rather than nouns. He follows with a guided loving-kindness meditation. (Dhamma talk and guided meditation recorded at Tu-An Pagoda on 20 April 2019. Duration 1:11:11)