Asalha Puja, Samanera Ordination and Vassa Aradhana- July 8th & 9th 2017.

This years Asalha Puja falls on Saturday July 8th. The scheduled events for the day include the dana offering at 11.15 AM followed by a Meditation Sit at 1.30 PM.

After the sit, Anagarika David takes on the Ten Precepts and joins the Sangha as a Samanera (novice). Luang Por Viradhammo will conduct An. David’s Pabbhajja Ceremony immediately after the meditation sit.

The Sangha at Tisarana begin this years Rains Retreat (Vassa) on Sunday the 9th of July. The commencement ceremony for the Rains Retreat (Vassa Aradhana) is scheduled for 1.30 PM after the dana offering at 11.15 AM.