Alms Round in Perth – Starting Soon!

Almsround is a great way to strengthen community spirit – an opportunity for monks and supporters to participate in an act of sharing, generosity and mutual appreciation.

Keeping with this tradition, the monks at Tisarana will begin walking on almsround once a week in Perth starting July 1’st 2017.

This is the first time we are trying this and as we strive to make this as convenient, flexible and stress-free as possible, we may occasionally tweak our plans with adequate notice.

Your feedback and suggestions are important,  please let us know if you have any ideas that may make this work better…

  • The walk commences at Scotch line and Gore street around 9:00 AM proceeding up to Dufferin street.
    • The monks will make a brief stop at the park across from Fiddleheads restaurant, off of Harriott Street.
  • They will be driven back to the monastery with the offerings received to share with the rest of the community and partake in the regular dana offering for the day. So they will not be solely dependent on the alms received in Perth for their meal that day.
  • The almsrounds is intended to take place every lunar observance day.
    • Please note that the lunar days are not always 7 days apart. Sometimes they are 6 or 8 days apart, so it is best to check the monasteries calendar either on Tisarana’s website or in a free distribution Forest Sangha Calendar available at the monastery.
  • Here is a link to the calendar on Tisarana’s webpage that indicates when the lunar days will take place:

On the lunar days that the monks will not be going on almsround, an update will be posted on the website a day in advance and an email will be sent to the weekly supporters in Perth.

How to contribute / participate:

Since offerings collected on Almsround will be supplemented from food offered at Tisarana, there are a couple of options that provide flexibility.

  • The monks will knock on the doors of those who have indicated interest in making an offering.
  • Those who are Perth residents and are interested in making an offering every now and then, not every week
    • can email the Tisarana office email account latest a day before the date to indicate their interest in participating. Please use the words “alms round” in the subject line and body of the email.
    • Then the monks will come to their home only on that day indicated.
  • Those who are Perth residences and are interested in offering on an ongoing basis
    • can email the Tisarana office account, indicated above, expressing your interest in providing a weekly offering. Please use the words “alms round” in the subject line and body of the email.
    • After the initial email the monks will assume that you would like to offer alms each week unless they receive an email from you indicating otherwise. Please feel free to let us know if a week / or a few weeks would not work for you.
  • The Tisarana office email is:

If you have any questions regarding the Perth almsround please contact Tina at