Abhayagiri Survives the Redwood Fire

Ajahn Jotipalo of Abhayagiri Monastery in California posted this news tonight after having visited the property today and talking with the fire crews there:

“We just got back from the property.  About as good of news as we could have hoped for.  There are still about 100 personnel on the property, as fires are still smoldering, but it appear no structures were damaged, except maybe a bridge or two on the “loop trail” – which we should rename the “Sacred Loop Trail” Or “Dhamma Protectors Trail”  more on that later.
More soon about stories talking to the fire fighters.  We are staying at CTTB (City of Ten Thousand Buddhas) tonight, LP Pasanno is giving a talk,  S Tissaro is staying at the monastery, to look after water and be of service if he firefighters need answers.” 19:45 16Oct2017