Tisarana is a monastery in the Thai forest tradition of Theravāda Buddhism. It is located 15km from Perth in the countryside a little more than an hour southwest of Ottawa, Canada.

The monastery is a residence for Buddhist monks and those who wish to train as Buddhist monks. It also functions as a spiritual sanctuary for interested friends who may visit for varying periods of time. Ajahn Vīradhammo is the resident senior monk at Tisarana.

Most Recent Progress Update

The 2014 Tisarana Non-Residential Retreat: September 14 to 21 (07-21-2014)

This years week long non-residential Tisarana retreat will be lead again by Ajahn Vīradhammo. The retreat will begin at 7:00 pm on Sunday, September 14th and end at 11:30 am on Sunday, September 21st. At this time all spaces available in the house have now been taken and we have no further accommodation left. Rather than using the Dhamma ... (click here to read the full update)

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Most Recent Podcast

This is How It Feels: Q & A (Hockley Valley Retreat) (08-21-2014)

Ajahn Vīradhammo focuses on developing a good posture, in a chair, while walking, etc.  He then spends the majority of the talk answering meditation questions from retreatants at the Hockley Valley Retreat. (click here to listen to the most recent podcast)

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Tisarana Event Calendar

Click on a date to see the full event description. Green events are our on-site monastery events, as well as off-site public retreats. The highlighted square is the current date.