Tuesday Dana in Barhaven

Anumodanā from Luang Por Viradhammo, the sangha and residents of Tisarana for the Dana received on April 7th in Barrhaven. Such spontaneous generosity is inspiring and delightful to witness. Many thanks to Bee Sterling and Niranjala Weerakoon for taking the lead on this and much Anumodanā to all our friends who participated. Here are some pictures, a recorded message from Luang Por and the sangha chanting verses of appreciation. May all beings be well and happy.

Sukhassa dhātā medhāvi,
sukham so adhighaccati
The wise one, giving happily,
gets but happiness in return.
– Anguttara Nikāyā. V 37

Greeting from LP Viradhammo, and Anumodana chanting from the community (6 min.)
Many contributions from friends
Fitting it in the truck
Received at Tisarana