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Tiger Balm Heart

Ajahn Viradhammo answers questions from some of the retreatants. He reflects on the importance of abiding in wholesomeness, the difference between Tanha and Chanda, and the fact that some of our desires are based on natural, biological requirements of the body. (Talk given at Pak Chong on 26 November 2019. Duration 36:12)

OBS Friday Evening Zoom Meet with Ajahn Viradhammo May 08

Ajahn Viradhammo gives a Dhamma talk and answers questions from members of the Ottawa Buddhist Society via Zoom for their Friday night meditation on May 08. This new way of communication has proven beneficial for it allows more access for those who previously could not attend in person. Much appreciation to those who put in time and energy to make this work.


On the second day of this retreat Ajahn Viradhammo talks about the Middle Way of dealing with unpleasant bodily feeling. He reflects that it is important not to attach to aversion for the pain, and not to change posture immediately there is discomfort. (Talk recorded at Pak Chong on 25 November 2019. Duration 42:32)

Liberation Through Suffering

Tan Khemako gives a reflection on how our minds are continually creating the past in the form of memories, or creating an imagined future. If we are able to bring our mind back to the present moment and recognize the raw experience of suffering, we move closer to liberation. (Talk recorded at Tisarana on 19 December 2019. Duration 36:40)