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Cittaviveka is a pali term meaning ‘the mind of non-attachment’. Cittaviveka is also the name of Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in West Sussex, UK, the first forest-sangha monastery in Britain. The transcribed talks cover a wide range of subjects including the process of integrating Buddhism into the West, developing skilful means in practice and the relationship with a teacher.… Read the rest

The Four Noble Truths

A small booklet of edited talks given by Ajahn Sumedho on the central teaching of the Buddha: that the unhappiness of humanity can be overcome through spiritual means.… Read the rest

Now is the Knowing

Three Dhamma talks by Ajahn Sumedho given during the early years of establishing Theravada Buddhist Monasteries in Britain. These talks consider the way we relate to the Three Refuges, using the basic meditation on Mindfulness of Breathing and reaching for Nibbana, the goal.… Read the rest

Intuitive Awareness

These transcribed talks by Ajahn Sumedho convey an intuitive understanding of the Buddha’s teaching which has arisen from the author’s many years of practice as a Buddhist monk.… Read the rest

Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings records a journey by Ajahn Sucitto of Cittiviveka Monastery in West Sussex, UK and Nick Scott. They spent six months together retracing the Buddha’s footsteps in India, along with many detours and sidetracks both physical and psychological. The alternating versions of what each of them perceived of their outside world presents a vision of each human being’s pilgrimage through life.… Read the rest

Great Patient One

This book is the sequel to Rude Awakenings. It records the seven hundred mile journey on foot, of Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott as they spent six months together in the Middle Land of the Buddha, as well as a long loop into Nepal and the Himalayas. The arduous nature of the pilgrimage, both physically and psychologically, ‘gives the reader a taste of Dhamma off the cushion and on the road’.… Read the rest