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Mindfulness, Metta, and Self View

Ajahn Viradhammo discusses how important it is for mindfulness to be in the context of Sila (morality) and Panna (wisdom). Each has our own predicament where mindfulness is lost, and Metta (loving-kindness) supports bearing witness to difficult mind states which strengthen mindfulness and awareness. He highlights the importance of constant reflection on uncertainty and enquiry that brings the mind to silent knowing. (Dhamma talk recorded at Tisarana Monastery on 18 August 2020. Duration 37:47)… Read the rest

Achieving Peace Through Observing Non-equanimity

Ajahn Viradhammo makes a distinction between conventional truths and the stream of consciousness. Both are important to attend to, but witnessing where your stream of consciousness gets preoccupied is the challenge for which meditation helps you prepare. Seeing the silence behind the movement of the mind helps liberate you from Self view. (Dhamma talk recorded via Zoom on 10 July 2020.Duration 37:36)… Read the rest

Don’t be Fooled by the Illusion of Self

Venerable Khemako outlines how craving to present one’s self in a certain way is common because of the pressures and reinforcement of earning a living and societal messages. He discusses how practicing the 8-fold path allows us to lift the veil on the automatic processes that generate a craving to become some ideal Self. (Dhamma talk via Zoom recorded on 16 May 2020. Duration 33:27).… Read the rest

Peaceful Coexistence with all Mind States

Ajahn Viradhammo discusses developing receptive awareness and the cessation of mind states. He explains how witnessing one’s mental reaction to difficult people and situations inclines the mind to cessation, and to realizing that the mental reaction is not who one is. (Dhamma talk via Zoom recorded on 8 May 2020. Duration 38:31).… Read the rest

Knowing Opinions as Uncertain is Liberating

Ven. Khemako discusses how holding tightly to fixed views and opinions is taking refuge in the unreliable. He explains how, by framing opinions in terms of the 3 characteristics (i.e., Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta), you are taking refuge in the Dhamma. (Dhamma talk at Tisarana Monastery on 1 February 2020. Duration 27:18)… Read the rest

Training in Equanimity

Ajahn Viradhammo describes three types of equanimity. He explains how sila and dhamma vijaya are essential to training in equanimity. (Dhamma talk recorded via Zoom on 3 July 2020. Duration 34:11)… Read the rest

Witnessing versus Attaching to Views and Opinions

Ajahn Viradhammo describes how attachment to opinions leads to Dukkha. He then explains how seeing an opinion simply as an object in awareness allows the heart to be open in difficult situations (Dhamma talk recorded via Zoom on 26 June 2020. Duration 37:34)… Read the rest

The Trap of Intellectualism

Ajahn Viradhammo discusses the difference between having a clever, confident position on Buddhist concepts versus the use of awareness to discover an existential Right Understanding of reality as we live it. (Dhamma talk recorded via Zoom on 20 June 2020. Duration 34:49)… Read the rest

Touching the Transcendent via the Brahmaviharas

Luang Por Viradhammo explains how the realization of the Transcendent is a process of tuning into the heart more than controlling your emotional reactions through mindfulness. (Dhamma talk recorded via Zoom on 18 September 2020. Duration 36:46)… Read the rest

Die Before You Die

Ajahn Viradhammo offers some Dhamma reflections on death and dying (talk recorded at Pak Chong retreat, Thailand, on 1st December 2019. Duration 35.26)… Read the rest