Kitchen Steward Position starting August/September 2022 – High Priority Opportunity.

Remote forest monasteries like Tisarana Buddhist Monastery, generally depend on the voluntary services
of Lay Stewards for day-to-day activities such as cooking, driving and shopping for essential needs of the
community. Our Stewards live on-site, full-time, volunteering their services free of charge, for a certain
period (minimum of three months). Stewards form an integral part of our community, participating in the
daily routine and serving the resident community.

This is an excellent opportunity for practitioners looking for a simple lifestyle dedicated to service and
meditation while strengthening their attitudes of generosity and renunciation. Living in a community of
like-minded individuals with similar outlook is a major source of upliftment leading to the deepening of
spiritual aspirations.

Job Description:
The Kitchen Steward is responsible for preparing meals for the resident community, maintaining the
kitchen roster, scheduling and coordinating Dana offerings, managing kitchen facilities and supplies,
attending to food safety and cleanliness, driving to Perth or Ottawa for shopping/errands, etc. Cooking
experience in a community environment would be highly desirable although not essential; on-the-job
training is provided. Actual meal preparation duties are shared with others on a rotational basis, as needed.

Suitable Resident Lay Steward candidates will possess:
– Commitment to abide by the Eight Precepts while at the monastery.
– Interest in deepening their practice of the Buddha’s teachings in a supportive environment.
– Commitment to meditation and spiritual growth.
– Stable personality with a cooperative disposition.
– Good physical and mental health.
– Willingness to learn, adapt and cooperate harmoniously.
– Ability to integrate with the norms of our community.
– Ability to work an average of 4-5 hours every day.
– Minimum service commitment of three months (longer periods may be discussed).
– Valid Canadian driver’s license with a clean driving record.
– Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (initial two doses + 1 booster).

How to apply:
Many people’s perceptions of life at a monastery rarely match the realities of living in a community so far
away from city life. For all new stewards, even those people who have visited us as guests in the
past, the first two weeks of your service period will be treated as a trial period to assess our mutual
suitability. Getting a sense of our way of being together in advance of any long-term commitment may
help you, and us, should you decide to serve the monastery as a resident steward.

Before applying we also ask that all applicants read through our Visiting Guidelines to get a sense of daily
community life here at the monastery. Stewards and all long-term stays are subject to the two-week probationary period mentioned above, as well as ongoing periodic approvals by the Abbot and the other members of the resident community.

If you are interested in serving as a Kitchen Steward at Tisarana, please email with
relevant information such as work history, relevant medical history, a short statement of your practice and
please fill out a Guest Booking Form (to provide detailed information) available at our website. Please
feel free to email us if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.