General Dana Wish List

The monastic code requires the Saṅgha to be dependent upon the lay community for all their physical needs. Besides food and other requisties, other goods and supplies are helpful for the resident community and the running of the facilities. Please see also the Food & Household Supplies Dana page.

The following items would be helpful for our resident community, links are provided as examples (Last Updated: April 23, 2017):

  • Rubber boots, Men’s sizes  10, 11
  • Packing tape – 2 inch width
  • Duct tape – 2 inch width
  • Liquid plant food, flower food


As in the time of the Buddha, the monastery does not grow food; the monastics are completely dependent on daily alms and donations of food. Postulants (anagārikas), stewards, and lay visitors prepare the daily meal from whatever food items have been given to the monastery. Visitors may also come to the monastery to offer prepared dishes (see the section below for more information).